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Sapphire braces – precious droplets on your teeth!


Among the most aesthetic ceramic brackets of the proposed today on the world market are single-crystal “sapphire” braces, made only by «Ormco», and they are called Inspire Ice. These brackets are machined from artificially grown sapphire crystal. They are very beautiful and your teeth sparkle like diamonds, this is not just a system of leveling malocclusion, but also luxury and elitism. Unlike conventional ceramic brackets – high strength and excellent aesthetic appeal: do not fade and change color throughout the treatment period.


Sapphire braces – the most transparent braces today, among all the existing aesthetic braces. Passing not only the day, but also through the neon light themselves, they can not be seen even when you attend concerts, clubs and discos. Braces are the least noticeable on the white teeth, and those that have a yellowish hue, sapphire braces are a little stand. In this case, the best solution would be, ceramic braces or “invisible” lingual (which are fixed to the teeth by the language, which makes them virtually invisible).foto

Sapphire brackets machined from super-hard material, thereby have a better grip on the tooth. And they do not like sudden additional loads, ie, during treatment with them requires some caution. Nothing special, everything, as with other systems, only to try to exclude the application of excessive loads (for example, when brushing your teeth).

By price category Inspire Ice expensive all other ceramic brackets, but cheaper than ligatingless sapphire Damon Clear and lingual systems. This is a great alternative for those who want to correct the bite quickly, but the budget does not allow for expensive “invisible.”

Sapphire braces Inspire Ice have several advantages over all other aesthetic braces:
• Unsurpassed aesthetics
• The system Inspire ICE, even power arc is made with a special aesthetic coating, increasing its invisibility.
• Braces and arch not subject to staining
• Increased material strength
• Reliable fixation and easy removal of braces
• High-tech thermal polishing, making them less susceptible to abrasion, which significantly facilitates the movement of the teeth during treatment, making treatment more comfortable for you and less prolonged

All your questions, we will be able to discuss with you for a free consultation. Here we choose exactly the orthodontic system that more effectively help to make your smile chic.

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