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Bite and it types

fotoWe all know that the correct line of teeth is the main thing that makes an attractive smile. Most of people have also heard that the misaligned teeth can be corrected through a variety of orthodontic appliances. However, few people know that very often correcting malocclusion, we doctors-orthodontists also correct a person’s face lines.

If you are not indifferent to your teeth health and worried about the bite but do not know whether you need to change it, stop guessing. Sign up for a free consultation, and I will examine your situation and we will choose the best variant for you to make your smile perfect.But before the visit, I want to tell you about the basic types of bites pathologies and how they affect on the face proportions.

Each bite can be characterized by three features:
1. tooth (tooth position, the shape of the dentition)
2. myofunctional (masticatory function and facial muscles of the maxillofacial area)
3. articular (the position of the mandible in the temporomandibular joint)

Correct (physiological) bite – is, when as a result of closing the teeth of the upper and lower jaws, all the upper front teeth overlap the lower 1/3 of the length of the crowns of the teeth and the outer cusp of the upper side (chewing) teeth overlap the outer cusp of the lower side (chewing) teeth . Ideally the notion central line between the front teeth of the upper and lower jaws should match.foto
But if there are changes in the closing of dentition, it is called a pathological (wrong) bite. And it gradually leads to dysfunction of maxillodental, digestive and respiratory systems, changing the aesthetics of the face and smiles, breaks diction. A person with malocclusion appears stiff and self-doubt, which is often seen in adolescence.

Malocclusion manifests differently, but I will highlight the main types:
• Deep bite
• Open bite
• Mesial occlusion
• Cross-bite
• The distal occlusion

Besides malocclusion may occur and wrong position of separate teeth.


Dystopia – an incorrect position of the tooth in the dentition, developing bias it toward language, cheeks or rotation around its axis.

Causes One of the main causes of dystopia – breach during the eruption of wisdom teeth, as well as genetic predisposition.
Consequences Dystopia gradually raises serious malocclusion, oral mucosa injury, problems with diction and chewing, breathing dysfunction.
Treatment Treatment depends on the variety and dimension of the anomaly. Until 11 years old, this pathology can be cured with conservative method (orthodontic appliance). After 11 years and for adults treatment is complex, often combined with the removal of wisdom teeth.
Tip For any malocclusion I can choose the effective treatment that will be optimal for you. And in order to prevent the development of similar situations your children may have, I advise you to bring them to the first consultation from 3 to 6 years. After all, it is much easier and cheaper to prevent than to cure.

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