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Attractive smile is the key to open most of locked doors in your life!

Nowadays, the arsenal that orthodontist has to create a perfect smile is various and includes many innovative designs and devices of the latest generation. One of these devices is orthodontic mouthguard.

fotoMouthguard – a removable device, a special overlay on the teeth, which is abutting to them from all sides. It is made from a special transparent biopolymer, does not cause allergic reactions and is almost invisible on your teeth.Orthodontic mouthguards are used in dentistry for teeth whitening, correction of malocclusion, to prevent teeth diseases and to protect jaws against injury during sports.

Mouthguards vary, depending on the destination:
orthodontic aligners – a series of individual transparent positioners (overlays) to smoothly move the teeth into the correct position. One of the most innovative developments is mouthguard “Invisilign” worked out by orthodontists and dentists of California. They combine the principles of traditional orthodontics and 3D-art computer technology.
mouthguards retainers – are used to consolidate the results of treatment after the removal of orthodontic appliances (braces, plates, splints), to avoid recurrence
mouthguards for teeth whitening – are used as containers for the whitening gel
mouthguards for bruxism – are used to protect the teeth from abrasion and destruction in involuntary teeth grinding during sleep.
preventive mouthguards – also used as a container, the inner surface of which is applied with a special preparation for the prevention of dental caries
sports mouthguards – used to protect teeth athlete during traumatic sports (eg, power martial arts, boxing and other sports)


All mouthguards can be divided into 3 groups:
Standard mouthguards are factory-made and ready to use. But these mouthguards may not be suitable for all patients because of the individual characteristics of the structure of the dentition.
Thermoplastic mouthguards are made from a flexible material which becomes pliable when immersed in hot water. After putting it to the teeth – the material solidifies according to the shape of your dentition.
Individual mouthguards are comfortable and fit perfect because they are made individually for each patient according to the plaster model of the teeth and are used as intended specialist.


Advice: Mouthguard is easy to maintain clean. It is enough to wash it regularly under cool running water and to clean it with a toothbrush and toothpaste. For its storing and transferring should be used a special container. Also to avoid its deformation mouthguard must not be exposed to high temperatures.

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