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Lingual Braces – Orthodontic “invisible”!

fotoToday, many recognize the need to align the teeth wearing braces, not only to improve the aesthetics of a smile, but also to prevent complications associated with malocclusion. However, not all business people, politicians, TV presenters, singers, actors, who all the time in the public eye, and video cameras can not afford it. But, thanks to modern technology, you can conveniently and comfortable enough for themselves to pass orthodontic treatment, and secret from the people around them. Now all the opportunity presents itself, correct bite with …

… “Invisible” – lingual braces!

Their uniqueness lies in the fact that their special material sticking to the inner facing surface of the teeth to the language, they are absolutely not visible to others, and every day you see a superior outcome.

All lingual braces can be divided into 2 groups:
1.“Traditional” standard (Stb, Stb social 6, Kurz7 Generation, In-Ovation L)




In-Ovation L (Dentsply)

2.Individual (Incognito)


Incognito (ORMCO)

Lingual braces – made of metal and are fixed to the teeth by the tongue. This makes them completely “invisible”! Very convenient latest technology, suitable for both adults and adolescents who are ashamed to wear vestibular braces “bracket”. Now, thanks to lingual braces – systems of your care no one will know! A stunning effect of treatment!

Advantages of lingual braces:
• Absolutely invisible to those around you
• Due to the location on the lingual surfaces of the teeth often washed saliva, which reduces the risk of tooth decay
• More effective and efficient treatment is wrong “deep” bite than vestibular (external)
• The risk of injury to the oral mucosa (cheeks, lips, gums) is small
• The high cost of treatment with respect to the vestibular braces
• Slightly deteriorating diction in the first weeks of treatment
• Over a long period of getting used to the braces
• A somewhat more complicated and meticulous oral hygiene

All the disadvantages of lingual braces justified their imperceptibly relaxed and your big smile, even during treatment.


Basic principles of treatment lingual braces is the same as that of the traditional vestibular systems. Metal plates attached special dental materials on the rear surface of the teeth and interconnected special power arch, with the help of which the teeth is desired pressure, forcing them to move gradually into the desired position.

Indications are the same as the standard in the treatment of external braces – systems: different bite pathology and anomalies of the teeth. Also recommended for patients with a “deep bite”, for more rapid alignment of the teeth.
Indicated for patients who do not accept for themselves wearing vestibular (external) braces. You can install them since 12 years. Wearing system is recommended for patients with restoration work on the front portion of the dentition, to avoid possible disruption of the structure of tooth enamel.
Contraindication is not significantly different from the standard contraindications in the treatment of the outer brackets: mental illness (epilepsy), young children up to 10-11 years, people with poor oral hygiene and others.
I wish to be treated, but there is no money …
If you are having such thoughts, you should not worry about it. Especially for you developed a unique system of payment of treatment on credit without the documents, certificates and guarantors. You can choose a convenient payment plan of treatment, thereby shortening the path to its cherished dream – a gorgeous smile for life!

Smile wider – your braces are “invisible”!

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