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Incognito – a revolutionary technology in the alignment of the teeth!

fotoIncognito – this is the only to date, completely individual bracket system of hypoallergenic gold-alloy, developed by German scientists and produced German laboratory «TOP-Service fur Lingualtechnik GmbH», which applies the most advanced technology of 3D modeling CAD / CAM. It is the leading German company in existence on the development of individual lingual braces. Do braces unique, ultraflat design, precision positioning in three dimensions, thanks to you for maximum comfort during treatment. In addition, one can see in advance what results can be expected at the end of treatment.

One disadvantage – the high cost.

Why Incognito?
• Completely invisible to those around you
• Shortened period of adaptation to a bracket system
• The projected outcome of the treatment, thanks to the computer manufacturing braces, follow the contours of the teeth, which reduces the likelihood of peeling during treatment
• Ultra-braces occupy much less space in the mouth than the standard, therefore reduced trauma language and practically does not suffer diction
• To prevent inaccuracies in the process of fixing and re-fixing at unstick the bracket is attached without tools
• Fixation to the teeth of small size (low clinical crown)
• Excellent fixation on strongly posteriorly rotated (turned) teeth
• The terms of treatment (average 16-18 months)
• Special gold-alloy does not cause allergies
• High-quality and reliable completion of treatment

fotoAccording to your casts, mailed to the laboratory «TOP-Service fur Lingualtechnik GmbH» in Germany, the technician pours 2 plaster models, one of which is sawn into individual teeth. Then arranges them on a template model to a position that should get you in the mouth as a result of treatment.


The second plaster model is a three-dimensional scanner to scan, then the technician computer, create a virtual and a real model of the teeth after treatment.

fotoOn the basis of computer virtual system, customized for your teeth braces are made. Special printer are printed in layers braces wax, of any complexity and configuration. Replacing the wax gold-bearing alloy, cast gold braces.

fotoReady-made braces technician is fixing the plaster model with jagged teeth of the patient. Of special silicone mass produced portable kappa (spoon), inside which are braces in the installed position, using it in the future and fixed braces in the mouth of the patient.

fotoFor this ideal model of the robot is ready and precision curves arch, which ensures the correct position of the teeth in all three planes.

fotoReady mouthguards, models and arches sent back to the clinic, where fixed on your teeth. The whole process from diagnosis to install braces takes about 2 months. But believe me, it’s worth the wait, as long Incognito braces are proven to be effective.



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