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Self-ligating braces – for all ages!


Want in a short time become the owner of a flawless and elegant smile? Then you should stop the choice on ligatingless bracket-systems!

What are their advantages over traditional?

Self-ligating “ligatingless” or self-adjusting braces – a new generation of braces. When treating malocclusion such brackets – no need for additional metal ligatures (delay) or rubber rings, with which arch is kept in a groove of the bracket, as in conventional systems – brecket. The whole secret is that arch attachment on the bracket has a special lock- latch.
Thanks to this new technology of self-regulation,foto the arch slides freely, without blocking the inside (in the groove) bracket, allowing treatment with the maximum comfort and save you time. According to many leading experts, a sliding mechanism makes treatment virtually painless.

Passive self-ligation technology provides very low friction and uses ultra-small force to move teeth. Because of this it is often possible to avoid orthodontic tooth extraction and achieve excellent aesthetic results.foto Reduced friction force facilitates the movement of the teeth without the stress on the gums, and this accelerated treatment. Significantly reduced the number of your visits to the orthodontist, and the intervals between visits increased to 1 per 2-2.5 months.

Self-ligating braces can be divided into aesthetics:
1. Metal


Damon 3MX (ORMCO)


Damon Q (ORMCO)


Smart Clip SL3(3M Unitek)


In-Ovation R (GAC)

2.Ceramic and partially ceramic


Damon Clear (ORMCO)


Damon 3 (ORMCO)


Clarity SL (3M Unitek)


In-Ovation C (GAC)

Now the dream has come much closer than you think! All thanks to developed on the basis of the action of the sliding mechanism – ligatingless ceramic braces. They are deprived of the deficiencies that exist in all the other systems, but combines the best qualities of self-ligating braces and ceramic. With them, your smile is not only converts, but also change the earlier idea of braces “brackets”!

Self-ligating ceramic brackets – perfect in alignment of teeth!

Having made the decision to adjust the bite with innovative systems ligatingless ceramic braces, you will make the right choice.

If, nevertheless have any questions. Pre-calling, come to the consultation, and I will advise, diagnose, to answer your questions. And then we can establish the necessary in your case system.

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