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Braces STb – the optimal solution for your teeth!

Your teeth have already decided for themselves – Braces STb. Have you decided?

fotoBefore you talk about the most popular worldwide bracket system STb, a few words about his predecessor Kurz7.

Kurz7 – standard system of the seventh generation, which had been used for many years, due to a lower cost than Stb and Incognito. However, the large size of braces creates a constant discomfort in the orthodontist with this system, the distortion in diction, adaptation to a longer and brushing your teeth and all-consuming. Therefore, this type of braces gradually recedes into the background. To replace him come Stb and Incognito.


STb – also a standard lingual system, with individual computer positioning and using straight edges (no bends). Named in honor of its creators: Doctors Scuzzo and Takemoto. Stb differs from Kurz7 that has a very small size of the bracket and rounded edges, thereby creating maximum comfort while wearing them, and maintain hygiene in the mouth for them will not be easy. A very short period of adaptation (a week). High-tech machinery arcs and weak forces allows for more efficient movement of teeth, and significantly reduces the time of treatment. It is worth noting that pain during treatment, is virtually absent. Another plus is in their location fixed by providing a more stable movement of these teeth.


Here is a comparison of the size of the new brackets and braces STb Kurz 7. New miniature braces STb have a thickness of only 1.5 mm.

Why STb braces?
• Absolute aesthetics thanks lingual positioning.
• No hooks provides better oral hygiene
• The minimum time to adapt to it (about a week) due to the small size.
• Use a straight arch – increases efficiency and saves time treatment
• Reduced risk of tooth decay due to the small size of the bracket and the large distance between the braces themselves (preferably washed away leftover food).
• Fast alignment of teeth with maximum comfort for you.
• Has a very accurate horizontal slot, which allows you to position the tooth.
• Small size and rounded edges of the bracket greatly reduce discomfort during treatment.
• No attachment to foreign laboratories, ie Accidental loss of the bracket, you can immediately perform at the reception replace lost bracket, rather than wait for an order from abroad – thereby prolonging the treatment.


After removing the silicone you print (print teeth), cast plaster model. Technician in the laboratory, together with the orthodontist create a setup model (model of your future smile), on which the doctor correctly positioned braces. Then made mouthguards portable, with the exact location of braces. With these aligners made fixing brackets.

How are braces STb fixed?

1. Preparing for installation teeth braces.foto

2. Treatment of tooth enamel with the application of a special gel for better fixation brackets.foto

3. Drying and applying special dental adhesive (adhesive primer) on the teeth.foto

4. Immediately the installation and fixing brackets using photopolymer lamp.foto

5. Installation of brackets will be held comfortably and without pain, so you will not notice any treatments. You will begin to see results in a short time after fixation.foto

For more information, you can get a free consultation : contact me (+373) 69-266-746

Today it is the most economical, comfortable and fast treatment option for all standard lingual braces. By the way the cost of treatment STb brackets 2 times less than Incognito.

P.S. Braces STB – ideal ratio price: quality!

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