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What is the advantage of using braces DAMON?

fotoSystems by Dr. Dwight Damon – Damon 3МХ, Damon Q Systems by Dr. Dwight Damon -Damon 3MX, Damon Q are the most perfect of the last version developed ligatingless metal braces Damon today. It uses the technology of passive self-ligation, which is very low compared to traditional braces level of friction and physiology, midget force to move teeth.

These braces with lockable lids, the arch is kept in the slot of the bracket, with slides freely, in no way connected. This mechanism allows the use of low arch force that is substantially passive, it is not required to overcome the force of ligature binding. Hence the concept of passive self-ligation technology.

fotoBraces Damon 3МХ provide you with maximum comfort during treatment, thanks to its smooth, rounded contours and rounded corners. They improved design compared to its predecessors, making them more popular. Their distinctive feature – the strength and durability. Using these braces in practice, it is possible to achieve excellent results, even in the most difficult situations.


Braces Damon Q are much thinner and slimmer than Damon 3MX that gives you the greatest comfort and improved aesthetics. Advanced design of the mechanism bracket caps, slip inside the arch groove. Patented design by ORMKO latch Spin Tek (Spin Tek) allows quick and easy to open and close it, during the change of arches. The new system Damon Q – your best choice!

Advantages of braces – systems Damon 3MX and Damon Q?
1. Comfort and some aesthetics, thanks to its small size and design with rounded corners
2. In most cases, treatment is possible without removing the teeth
3. The treatment periods were reduced by 25-40% depending on the pathology (average treatment lasts 14-18 months)
4. More comfort during treatment in connection with the use of the weak force, and virtually no pain
5. No age limit (11-12 years). Virtually no difference in duration of treatment, both in adults and adolescents
6. Reduces the number of physician visits (average 7-10 visits for the entire period of treatment)
7. Increase the intervals between visits to the doctor (1 every 10-12 weeks).
8. Decreased risk of caries due to lack of quality is not broken ligatures hygienic oral care during treatment
9. Do not injured mucosa, improves periodontal condition
10. The absence of oxidative processes
11. Excellent and stable result of treatment

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