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Welcome to the world of beautiful smiles!

Hello, dear visitors of the site!

fotoMy name is Memos Anatoly, and I am glad to see you on my website!

Always wanted help people look better and to have a beautiful smile. Therefore chose this profession.

Constantly raise the my knowledges on the certification courses (seminars and conferences on dentistry and orthodontics in Moldova and abroad). Using the latest technology in my work, have the opportunity to help you find a charming smile, good humor and a sense of confidence.

This site has been conceived as an informational and I hope that anyone interested will be able to find here useful information. First of all, it is for those people who are need for orthodontics assistance . And for those who are interested in orthodontics, and who want to be a patients, and is in active search.

Offer you familiarize with the capabilities of modern orthodontics and innovative technologies that allow us to achieve the desired results. And I hope my recommendations
will help you to the most comfortable and easy to go through all the stages of treatment. I will be happy to answer on your questions. It is only in mutual cooperation and mutual trust is possible to pass a long course of orthodontic treatment, and the result will not be long in coming.

P.S. “A smile lasts a moment, but the memory of it sometimes remain forever!”
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