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Benefits of braces «Clarity»

fotoBraces Clarity, has all the advantages, ceramic brackets, even have their own exclusive advantages:
-Increased Invisibility braces for outsiders due to color match the color of the bracket tooth enamel;
-The Material from which made the bracket, is not subject to staining (coffee, black tea, and so on.) For the entire course of orthodontic treatment;
-Fast Addictive and no discomfort, thanks to the special round shape of braces and carefully polished their surface;
-Exclusive Metal slot in the bracket Clarity significantly reduces friction, allowing the healing process is faster and less painful;
-After Treatment, remove the brackets from your teeth does not cause any problems, thanks to the presence in their design special patented stress concentrators;
-Exclude Allergic reaction, because Clarity braces are made of hypoallergenic ceramic;

These qualities Clarity braces make them the best choice for the correction of malocclusion among the polycrystalline ceramic bracket systems in terms of price and quality.

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