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Rules after installing the braces

fotoWhat is forbidden to do if you have installed a bracket system:
1. Must refuse products that can cause the damage of the system (nuts, seeds, popcorn, etc.) for the whole period of treatment.
2. Do not bite hard fruits and vegetables: apples, pears, carrots, etc. Same applies to the hard meat, cut it into small pieces. It is recommended to carry a small folding knife.
3. Do not eat sticky foods – iris, halva, after which it is difficult to clean the surface of the teeth, what can lead to detachment of the bracket. The use of chewing gum is not recommended too.
4. If you have installed the aesthetic braces should not be overused strong tea, coffee, red wine, currant jam and other coloring products.
5. You cannot use excessively hot or cold foods, it can lead to unsticking brackets.
6. It is strictly forbidden to eat sweets before sleep, because the secretion of saliva is reduced at night and self-cleansing of the oral cavity is lower – perfect time for caries formations.
7. While wearing braces is not recommended to use “whitening” toothpaste to avoid possible damage of the enamel.

What is recommended to do if you have installed a bracket system:
1. You should brush your teeth at least 2 times a day in front of the mirror, using special toothbrushes.
2. It is better to use different toothpastes alternating them by day and night: one for strengthening the gums, the second with microelements to strengthen teeth.
3. Be sure to rinse your mouth after each meal (mouthwashes are preferable, water also can be used).
4. After installing the brackets you may feel discomfort, aching pain in the teeth, rubbing the cheeks and tongue, but don’t you worry, it will pass in a few days. The place of rubbing can be glued with special dental wax.
5. If, however, the bracket came off, you must save it and make an appointment to see your orthodontist as soon as possible.

Follow these simple rules, and the treatment will pass easily and quickly!
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