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Deep bite


Deep bite – upper incisors overlap by more than half the front surface of the lower incisors. Face of this people has insufficient height (lower part is shortened), and often everted lower lip slightly outward, because the space is insufficient.
Consequences Consequences of deep bite can cause such complications as: injury of the oral mucosa, excessive load on the front teeth, speech impediments, problems of nutrition , aesthetic problems, patological abrasion of the teeth and pain in the temporomandibular joint (TMJ).
Treatment Correction of deep bite treatment lies in its “increasing”, by means of various orthodontic appliances. The most effective will be to start the treatment in the childhood, when the growth of the jaw bones have not yet completed, by using removable orthodontic appliances (plates, trainers, cap) in combination with myo-gymnastic (set of special exercises for the muscles of the face). At the teenagers and adults the bite can be corrected by the braces systems.

P.S. After a course of treatment, a person acquires good smile and all the defects disappear.
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