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Trainer – orthodontic device, аllows to make wonders !!!

fotoThe pre-orthodontic trainer is a prefabricated, single size, dental positioned, computer designed to incorporate myofunctional and tooth positioning characteristics.It comes ready to use, requires no impressions and no molding. This allows it to be implemented from 6 years of age while the permanent teeth are erupting and the child is still growing (prior to orthodontic treatment).
The Pre-Orthodontic Trainer improves the face as well as the teeth by correcting the myofunctional habits that cause the malocclusion.

Trainers’ positive qualities:
• Hypoallergenic;
• Is used only at night and an hour in the afternoon;
• Adjusts tongue position;
• If any speech defects, helps the child to improve his speech;
• Eliminates bad habits (thumb and toys sucking, lower lip biting, etc.);
• Helps in elimination of mouth breathing;
• Develops the habit of correct nasal respiration;
• Eliminates teeth grinding while sleeping (bruxism);
• Eliminates minor crowding of theanterior teeth of the lower jaw;
• Is used as a retention (final) stage of treatment after the removal of braces;
• No individual manufacturing required;
• Available in different sizes for different age groups of patients;
• Easy to use;
• Low cost price.


Trainer is installed in the oral cavity, and is worn only at night while sleeping, and at least 1 hour during the day (when watching TV, working on the computer, making lessons, etc.). As the result of the treatment, child`s facial features significantly improves and his bite is corrected from an early age.

Types of trainers:
Pre-orthodontic (soft and hard) – is used to correct harmful myohabbits in the early mixed dentition when cutting permanent teeth;
For children (2-5 years) – is used to normalize breathing, swallowing and correct position of the tongue;
Articular – is used to reduce pain and eliminate dysfunction (impaired mobility) of the temporomandibular joint, to relieve stress and muscle pain;
For braces – is used to protect oral soft tissues from damage caused by braces and parallel to correct bad habits;
Finish (retention) – is used to secure the achieved results after treatment of malocclusion different orthodontic appliances;
Tire for athletes – is used to protect the upper and lower jaw during exercise (eg, boxing);
For adults – is used to eliminate mouth breathing and snoring

Each of these trainers is applied depending on the clinical situation. But, correctly and competently will select it for you qualified personnel only.


It is important!: Before treatment, you should prepare and explain to your child, how to use the trainer. Explain that he/she can not bend or chew trainer, should not talk when the trainer is in the mouth. On this depends the success of further treatment. In its application the muscles get used to the correct position, and often the right usage eliminates the need for further more complex treatment.

P.S. Be attentive to your health and the health of your children!
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