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Orthodontic plate – what are its advantages?

fotoOrthodontic plate – is a removable orthodontic device, which is designed especially for bite correction in childhood and adolescence. The plate is made in a dental laboratory according to the plaster model of your child‘s teeth, and provides tight teeth retention.

The plate is made of a plastic base on which are fixed metal elements (clasp, screws and arcs). With their help, orthodontic plate is retained in the oral cavity, puts pressure on the teeth and gradually moves them in correct position.


Application of the plates mainly depends on the clinical situation, which must be corrected. There are one jaw and a two jaw plates.

What you should know about the plate:
• It can be used to adjust the bite, to expand the jaw;
• It is made individually for each patient;
• Helps your child to get rid of bad habits;
• The wearing of the plate should be almost round the clock (at least 18 hours) – this will speed up treatment;
• It must be removed before eating, brushing and an important social event;
• It must be cleaned at least 2 times a day with a toothbrush and toothpaste;
• There are retention plates that hold the result obtained after the orthodontic treatment;
• In first few days of wearing there may be some inconveniences: increased salivation, changes in diction, pain in some teeth. All changes pass quickly after adapting to the plate;
• Parents must control constant wearing of the plate, if not it reduces all the orthodontic treatment.


Plate or braces?
Often the choice of orthodontic appliance depends on how serious the bite correction is needed. With the help of braces we can move teeth in three planes, what plate is unable to do. The patient’s age is another important factor, because plate is usually used during the change of milk occlusion or when there is increased growth of the jaws – so treatment is most effective. Children at an early age are easily adapted to the plates, so treatment for them is psychologically more comfortable (during meals, when brushing your teeth) than treatment with braces later in life. There are clinical situations where pre-treatment is carried out by usage of orthodontic plate, and then braces are installed. It is important, that plates are cheaper orthodontic appliances in comparison with braces.


P.S. If kids lose their milk teeth early, we are practicing the plates with artificial teeth which help to save space for the permanent teeth and improve aesthetics.
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